NEXUS GOLD operates from their offices at Gold Souk, Deira, Dubai - UAE. It is registered by Dubai Economy & Tourism and Regulated by Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

NEXUS Gold began its operation under the umbrella of the NEXUS Group, which included NEXUS Investments which is run and operated by Mohammod Hossain Chowdhury.

The Authority of NEXUS GOLD has a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise. NEXUS Gold is becoming one of the safest and most reputable gold trading company in the world. Its database of client’s is growing at an exponential rate and should continue to do so for years to come.

NEXUS Gold provides and offers a wide range of services and solutions to all their client’s, whether you are a seller, buyer, trader or investor.

The rapid growth of NEXUS GOLD can be attributed to the high standards in which they conduct their business.

NEXUS GOLD has the ability to expand their operations from Gold to other precious metals such as silver and platinum. In addition to metals it can import and trade Precious Stones such as diamonds and rubies, that are all factored into the growth and expansion of NEXUS GOLD.

Since the demand for Gold has shown sustained growth over the last decade, the opportunity had been presented for NEXUS GOLD to expand their gold trading business with new ventures presenting themselves on daily and weekly basis. Any partnership with NEXUS GOLD will be strengthened using their wide range of expertise and experience to open countless new gateways.